Return Policy

We guarantee that we will refund any item that has not been worn or washed if you bring it back in perfect condition for resale in its original packaging and with the original receipt within 30 days of your purchase. Any refund will be made according to the method of payment used. Items may be reimbursed or exchanged only in the country where they were purchased.

Items purchased from another retailer, including department stores, must be returned to the store where they were originally purchased and will be subject to the retailer's return policy.

Return by mail

To find the store closest to you, visit our store locator by clicking on our retailers website. Return an item not worn or washed to the store of your choice and a partner will be happy to help you.

Purchases made using several methods of payment (partly by gift card and partly with another method of payment) will always be reimbursed first and foremost by gift card. Any remaining balance will be refunded via the other payment method originally used.

Price adjustment policy

A price adjustment may be made upon presentation of the original receipt for items purchased in-store at current prices within seven (7) days of purchase. Not applicable on items purchased for promotion or related to a fundraising campaign.

Return by mail

To return any items purchased online, enter your order number and your zip code in the fields below and your order will appear on the next page. Select the item (s) to return and click on the " Submit "button. You will receive an email confirming your request as well as a return label and how to proceed.

Delivery costs are not refundable.

For payments made by PayPal or transactional site returns can be made online only. Your PayPal account or credit card.will then be credited directly. Purchases paid through PayPal are not refundable in store.

Would you like to be reimbursed more quickly? Return your order online at a BÍA Sports clothing distributor.