Myrianne Côté: the rigor at the end of the silver medal

Date de début: 05.05.2018

Myrianne Côté of Mont-Tremblant won the silver medal in the Ironman 70.3 triathlon competition in Saint George, Utah on May 5. The 46-year-old reached the finish line just 25 seconds from first. As a result, she qualified for the World Championships in South Africa on September 1, 2018.

According to Myrianne, the Ironman of Saint George was much more demanding than that of Mont-Tremblant. "The bike course is relatively higher by 800 meters and the race course too, 400 more elevation," she explains. We start with 1.9 km of swimming, then 90 km of cycling and finish with 21.1 km of running. "But, beyond her performance at this triathlon in the United States, Myrianne has remarkably surpassed the impossible.


the athlete was preparing for a competition in Mexico when an event on October 22 rocked everything. "I had a really big bike accident last fall," she says. Since I lost consciousness, I don't remember. I just know it was the wind that propelled me and I made five barrels. I got sores everywhere, I didn't get anything broken, but the concussion was significant. "Learning that her healing process was from 12 to 18 months, Myrianne had not said her last word!

...and bounce

"I decided on January 31 of this year to register for Utah," she said. She explained that she needed to draw a line on the accident and move forward. "I can't stand still. It's not my profile, I'm an action girl, " she said at the time. Only five months after the accident, Myrianne was determined to bounce back. Although she had done little training, she was very thorough and went for it. She trusted her abilities and her full potential. "I had only done one 64 km once before I left. I've never done a 90 before, " she says. Not feeling like she had to start all over again, she said she was continuing what she had been doing before the accident.

2012, starting line...

not from a sports background, Myrianne Côté says she began to be interested in racing in 2008, when she came to live in Mont-Tremblant. However, 2012 would have been the starting point for his sporting adventure. Volunteer at the first triathlon in Mont-Tremblant, that's when it all began. "I want to go through this," she exclaimed. Since then, Myrianne has finished four times for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, in Mont-Tremblant, Las Vegas, Australia and, most recently, South Africa. "I am filled," she said with a brilliant look of passion. Myrianne Côté built her credibility as an athlete and coach by attending triathlon, rescue, swimming and four World Championships.